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Chef is a popular DevOps configuration management tool used to facilitate infrastructure automation. It easily integrates with cloud-based platforms, making configuring new machines as easy as writing a few lines of code. Since it can manage huge amounts of nodes on a single server, it’s easy to handle and is suitable for both small and large businesses. Students at Chef Academy of New York are ready to work in the kitchen with Michelin starred chefs.

In the fifth week of the course, we’ll be able to explore information about users, groups, role and their working. We’ll demonstrate the working of organization, users, groups and roles in Chef. Also, we’ll build a recipe to deploy a local user account from data bags. By the end of this module, we’ll be in position to describe Data Bags. In the fourth week of the course, we’ll learn the concepts of Chef-client and Chef-server in a detailed manner. Y the end of this week, we’ll be able to implement the installation of Chef Development Kit on Chef workstation.

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Once this level is achieved you will be able to easily share your status on LinkedIn from your account on the Chef training site. Suggested learning paths will be identified that may include online tutorials, instructor-led training (either online or in person), documentation, blogs, etc. The DevOps movement is focused on delivering software faster and more efficiently, without breaking things as often.

A customized learning experience for the global corporate workforce. We have one of the best faculty, with our trainers having substantial real-time industry experience. Besant Technologies offers 250+ chef certification devops IT training courses in more than 20+ branches all over India with 10+ years of Experienced Expert level Trainers. Most of the Chef DevOps Jobs in the industry expect the following add-on skills.

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Our team with provide all of the assistance required from writing their resume to arranging interviews and preparing them for the interview. Our Trainers provide complete freedom to the students, to explore the subject and learn based on real-time examples. Our trainers help the candidates in completing their projects and even prepare them for interview questions and answers. The course “Automating Infrastructure – Chef for DevOps” is a comprehensive skill enhancement program designed for developers aiming to become proficient DevOps professionals.

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The Chef Training and Certification offers plenty of real-time industry projects and case studies so that the learners quickly understands the concept. These courses not only teach cooking techniques but give the students the opportunity to gain the experience whilst training to have a full understanding of how a professional kitchen operates. This is also a reason why there has been a rise in demand for Chef certification programs among developers. Chef is a popular tool and a strong choice for experienced DevOps teams who would want to automate their deployment and development infrastructure.

  • Meetings with the owners, supervisors, chefs and companies involved in the food environment.
  • Notify your friends and colleagues by sharing it on Twitter and Facebook.
  • The Chef Certification Training Course helps the learners to master Chef Development Kit, which is used for installing and configuring the chef components.

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